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Type Of Snake

Arafura file snake; Asp. European asp; Egyptian asp; African beaked snake; B. Ball Python; Bird snake; Black-headed snake; Mexican black kingsnake; Black rat snake; Black snake. Red-bellied 24. Iridescent Shieldtail. Sometimes called the two-lined black shieldtail, the iridescent shieldtail ( Melanophidium bilineatum) is a poorly understood snake that lives in

Green Anaconda — Heaviest Snake in the World. The title of “Heaviest Snake” goes to the green anaconda (Eunectes Etymology. The English word snake comes from Old English snaca, itself from Proto-Germanic *snak-an-(cf. Germanic Schnake 'ring snake', Swedish snok 'grass snake'), from Proto-Indo

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The family covers around one hundred species, including the most common types of snakes such as garter snakes, kingsnakes, rat snakes and coachwhips. The picture at the top of the page

One of the larger species of snakes in the world is the Burmese Python. It is ranked as the #6 largest of all snakes in the world. Ball Python or Royal Python The Ball Python or Royal Python is one that

Here are our 16 favorite snake species for reptile lovers interested in a new and interesting pet: 1. Milk and King Snakes. BillC at English Wikipedia. [ CC BY-SA 3.0] Scientific

The most venomous land snake, the fierce snake is also a member of this family. A type of sea snake, the Hydrophis belcheri has the most toxic venom compared to all other snakes.

5. Sea Snake. Sea Snakes are one of the types of snakes or group of snakes adapted to the marine life and belong to the family of cobras. It is mostly seen in the Indian and Pacific

There are more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world and there is at least one type of snake on every continent except Antarctica. While the snake has a bad rap as a pest, snakes

Rosy Boa. Peaceful and easy to care for, the rosy boa is one of the best pet snakes you can get (especially if you’re a beginner). It’s a beautiful species to boot and can become a showstopper

Aesculapian Snake. The Aesculapian snake is a non-venomous reptile that is native to Europe. It is also known as the European milk snake and the Aesculapian keelback. These

Rattlesnakes are a very common type of venomous snake. The distinct rattling sound provides a helpful warning not to get any closer to the snake and to stay away. A rattling sound or

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